Ceramic Capacitance Manometer CCMT-D Series

The CCMT-D series is a capacitance manometer, which detects static electric capacitance occurring when a barrier membrane made of ceramic (alumina) is deformed by changes in gas pressure.

 Corrosion resistant ceramic sensor
 Excellent long term signal stability
◙ Whole pressure measurement that does not depend on the gas types is possible
◙ Shorten the warm-up Time
◙ Temperature compensation
◙ Sensor protected against contamination
◙ Push button zero point adjustment
◙ Accurate linear output (DC 0 to 10V)
◙ Wide range voltage power supply (DC14 to 30V)
◙ Compact in size with 320g weight (pipe end type)
◙ Vacuum melting or vacuum heat treatment
◙  Thin films deposition system
◙  Pressure reduction furnaces
◙  Gas exchange or gas sealing etc.
◙  PV, FPD manufacturing equipment