DC Power generator DPG-10/DPG-20


The DPG-10/DPG-20 are 10kW/20kW DC power generators for sputtering. They are made of reliable components and circuits. These highly reliable power generators have been optimized for plasma loads with a design that reflects our many years of knowledge that includes power generator applications.


  • Light-weight/space-saving
    Light-weight and space-saving design with excellent installation flexibility.
  • Selectable output voltage range
    We feature a lineup with 800V specification in addition to 1000V specification.
  • Extensive arc handling
    Extensive arc control methods familiar with plasma.
  • Requires no cooling water
    Forced air cooling, requires no cooling water.
  • Can be equipped with a high-speed arc shutoff circuit
    Achieves low arc energy as standard. Can also be equipped with a high-speed arc shutoff circuit as an option.
  • Can be equipped with a flexible parallel operation function
    DPG-10, DPG-20: With the optional parallel operation function, 10kW and 20kW can be combined to allow up to 12units to work together in parallel operation. (240kW max)


  • Flat panel display sputtering
  • Semiconductor sputtering
  • Touch panel sputtering
  • Industrial coating sputtering


Model DPG-10 DPG-10H DPG-20 DPG-20H
Input specification Rated input voltage 208VAC
Input voltage fluctuation range 187 to 229VAC
Phase, frequency Three phase, 50/60Hz
Input connector Connector connection
Input capacity 13.5kVA or less 25kVA or less
Output specification Maximum rated power 10kW 20kW
Rated current 25A 16.7A 50A 33.3A
Rated voltage 800V 1000V 800V 1000V
Output polarity Negative polarity
Abnormal discharge control Shutoff by inverter stop or high-speed arc shutoff circuit*1when abnormal discharge is detected
Output connector Connector connection
Control Control method Constant power control (P control)/constant current control (I control)/constant voltage control (V control)
Control precision ±1% or less of rated output
Control warranty scope Constant power control, 10 to 100% of rated power value
Parallel operation Up to 12units can be controlled by master/slave communication*2
Cooling method Forced air-cooling
Dimension (WxDxH) excluding protrusions 483mm x 630mm x 133mm
Weight 28kg 35kg
Applicable standard CE and SEMI F47
Ambient operating temperature 10ºC〜 40ºC (no condensation)
Operating environment: Avoid direct sunlight, heat, dust, vibration, and without corrosive gas.
*2:800V specification units and 1000V specification units cannot be used together.