➤  Air cooled for low running costs.
➤  No requierment for cooling water and nitrogen gas.
➤  Low power consumption, air tight and light weight are featured in this pump.
➤  Possible to pump down water vapor by use of gas ballast.
➤ Integrated silencer results in a compact design.
➤ Clean gas vacuum pumping such as air, inert gas.
➤ Water vapor pumping  for vacuum dryer equipment (gas ballast is required)
➤ Vacuum equipment such as sputtering, evaporator, etc
*1 Ultimate pressure is a value without gas ballast gas.
*2 Please specify phase and voltage when ordering.
*3 The valve for gas ballasts is an option.
*4 Maximum water vapor tolerance is a value when gas ballast is used.
Make sure to use a gas ballast mechanism.
Pumping Speed Curve