Electrical Feedthroughs
CMS Series

CMS Series Electrical Feedthroughs

The CMS Series are electrical feedthroughs for passing current and applying voltage to vacuum chambers with pressure ranging from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum.


  • Can be used with pressures ranging from 10-2 Pa to ultra-high vacuum.
  • Several models are available, ranging from types for microcurrents (with BNC connectors), to types for large currents (400 A) and high voltages (12 kV).
  • Outstanding heat resistance and low gas emission, ideal for use with ultra-high vacuum.
  • Ceramic and copal materials have similar thermal expansion coefficients, so seals don't leak during bake-out and other processes with temperature variations.
  • Connected electrodes are fixed in place by screws (except for some models), so wiring remains securely in place.


  • Passing current/applying voltage to ultra-high vacuum systems


Operating pressure range 10-2 Pa to ultra-high vacuum pressure
Permitted bake-out temperature 300ºC max.
Temperature variation ratio 25ºC/minute max.
Permitted leak rate 1.3 x 10-11 Pa·m3/s max.