Equipment Diagnostic System FABISEQ


FABISEQ software collects data of process equipment and displays it in graphical form. Visualizing equipment data is useful when investigating the details and causes of defects and observing process stability.


  • Easy setup on your personal computers (Can be easily added to our GPCS 2000 series equipment control systems)
  • Observation of process data that previously could not be viewed, along with event signals
  • Overlay and observation of past and current process data
  • Easy export of collected data and screens for use in reports
  • Can be automatically delivered E-mail of the collecting data and report


  • Observation of process repeatability and stability
  • Investigation of cause of product defects
  • Contributing to quick equipment startup
  • Can be installed on notebook computers and used as a simple data logger for scheduled equipment inspections and process checks
  • Shortening time of the failure detection and recovery



Our equipment PC; PLC communication systems; Mitsubishi PLC, Omron PLC and other PLCs can be an optional OPC Server(sold separately)

Collection configuration, values

Group: Max8   Alarm: Max256   Event: Max256   Trace: Max16   IO: Max128   Analog: Max128

Sampling rate

Can set between 100ms and 10s, based on your needs. * There may be measurement interval restrictions due to collection configurations and the control specifications of your equipment.


Histrical Graph    IO: 8points/graph; Analog: 16points/graph
Real time Graph  IO: 8points/graph; Analog: 16points/graph


Data overlay, data measurement, data comparison, time measurement, XY graphing, graph zooming, scale conversion and adjustment, span adjustment, graph shifting, calculations (movement average, differentiation, integration, four arithmetic operations between data), statistics (maximum, minimum, average, dispersion), search of lots, alarms, and events, alarm count, CSV import and export, screen capture, reporting, automatic mail delivery, failure detection

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows® XP (SP2 or later) or Windows 7®

CPU:Intel® Pentium® 4, 1 GHz or higher

Memory:1 GB or more

HDD:200MB or more of free disk space (120GB is recommended, depending on the amount of data to be saved)

Display:1024 x 768 pixel resolution or higher, High Color (16 bit) or higher