Etching System

ULVAC offers etching systems to meet every need for hard-to-etch materials, from those for new nonvolatile memory to compound semiconductors.


Compact Etcher for Reserch & Development CE-L

This laboratory etching system is available with various combinations of features, such as atmospheric cassettes, single wafer atmospheric transfer, and vacuum transfer. With touch panel operation, it is possible to automatically control substrate transfer, evacuation, and etching. Small footprint thanks to integration of mechanical and electrial components.


High-Density Plasma Etching System for R&D NE-550EX

NE550EX is a multipurpose high-density plasma etching system, especially for test facilities such as universities and government agencies.


Dry Etching Tool APIOS NE-950EX

LED Mass Productive Dry Etching Tool NE-950EX


Dry Etching System for Production NE-5700/NE-7800

Dry etching system for high volume production with good cost performance and wide selection of tool configuration.


Dry Etching System for R&D NLD-570

Dry etching system with ULVAC original NLD (Neutral Loop Discharge) Plasma Source.


Si Deep Etching System NLD-5700Si

This system enable deep Si etching using ULVAC original process, doesn't use Bosch process nor Cyro Genics process. This system is also available for quartz etching.


Dry Etching System for Opto-Devices, MEMS NLD-5700

Production type dry etching system with ULVAC original NLD (Neutral Loop Discharge) Plasma Source.


A Batch System to Remove Native Oxide RISETM-300

Batch type equipment of chemical dry cleaning for remoral of native oxide in Narrow and Deep-contact patterns of advanced semiconductor.


Non-volatile Material Etching Tool ULHITETM NE-7800H

ULHITETM NE-7800H is the cluster type etching system of low-pressure and high-density plasma for NVM materials(difficult etch materials, used for FeRAM, MRAM, ReRAM, CBRAM, PCRAM etc.),dielectric, noble metals and Magnetic Layers.