G-TRAN Series Atmospheric Pirani Vacuum Gauge SW1


This is a wide range pirani vaccum gauge which measures from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-2 Pa. In addition, this gauge removes control and display panels from traditional controllers, keeping the minimum necessary functions only, thus saving cost and space.

◙ Measures from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-2 Pa.
◙ Combined sensor and controller, thus reducing cables, saving space and energy.
◙ Operates with DC 24V input
◙ Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output
◙ LED Error verification for better visibility
◙ Atmospheric pressure adjustment and zero point adjustment can be done in one-touch.
◙ Sensor unit can be replaced easily.
◙ 2 set points output (SW1-1)
◙ RS232C/RS485 communication (only SW1-2)
◙ Conforms with CE
◙ Process control in low vacuum processes such as for semiconductor, optics and electronic parts manufacturing systems.
◙ Process control in low vacuum range processes for industrial equipment such as vacuum furnaces, etc.
◙ Process control for low vacuum system, which requires multiple process chambers, such as in-line sputtering and single wafer processing equipment.