G-Tran Series Cold Cathode Gauge Measuring Unit

G-TRAN series SC1 is a magnetron type cold cathode vacuum gauge.
Since no filament is used, extended life between gauge replacement is assured. Maintenance is expected.Ease of maintenance reduces the cost of ownership.

◙ Transducer specification
When the pressure display is not required, the following advantages can be achieved:
· Vacuum gauge cost is reduced because the display has been eliminated
· Smaller size frees-up control panel space
· Wiring is reduced
◙  Maintenance is greatly simplyfied
◙ Filament is eliminated: No damage from exposure to atmospheric pressure
◙ Control output sign: 2 setpoint output
◙ Output signal: Pressure reading is a 0 to 10V Log output (non-linear output)
◙ Power supply voltage: Operated by DC24V
◙ Process control in the pressure range of precision vacuum equipment used for semiconductor, optics and electronic parts manufacturing
◙ Process control in low vacuum range for industrial equipment such as furnaces
◙ Process control in the pressure range for vacuum systems with multiple process chambers, such as in-line sputtering and single wafer processing equipment