Thin Film Measurement/Deposition Controller

ULVAC offers a non-contact metal film thickness measurement system, compact high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer, multi-probe evaluation system, local efficiency/haze measurement system, surface profile and resistivity measurement systems.


Manual Stage Type for φ150mm Samples

UNECS series is a kind of spectroscopic ellipsometers to measure the refractive index and thickness of the thin film quickly and accurately. It adopts an unique measurement method, and realizes the compact size and high-speed measurement .

UNECS-1500M is easy to locate measurement points by the easy-to-use manual R-θ stage.


  • High-speed Measurement :
    The snapshot measurement method is realized and the high-speed measurement is 20ms per point.
  • Visible Spectral Range :
    The spectral wavelength range can be selected. The standard type is 530nm to 750nm and the visible spectral type is 380nm~760nm.
  • Compact Sensor Unit :
    The sensor unit is light-weighted and very compact. It consists of an optical element that does not have any rotating mechanism. In addition, there is no need for any periodic maintenance.
  • Strong Product-line :
    There is a strong products line with the portable type, the manual/automatic stage type, the built-in type and the large substrate type etc.


  • Measurement for transparent or semi-transparent thin films thickness(D), reflective index(N) and extinction coefficient(K). (Oxide film, nitride film, photo-resist film, ITO film, etc.)


Wavelength Range 530 to 750nm or 380 to 760nm
Spot Size φ1mm or φ0.3mm
Angle of Incidence 70º
Film Thickness Repeatability 1σ = 0.1nm
Film Thickness Measurement Range 1nm to 2μm
Measurment Time Sampling : 20ms to 3000ms Analyzing time : 300ms
Sample Stage Manual R-θ stage for φ150mm sample
Control PC Laptop PC including analysis software
Configuration Measurement unit (including manual stage and Control box).
Light source unit. Control PC (Laptop type) and operation manual (CD).