High Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing System HT-RTA59HD

This desktop ultra-high temperature annealing system achieves high reflection efficiency by heating in a focused manner precious materials like SiC and other small materials with high melting points and is capable of heating up to ultra-high temperature range of 1800 °C




• Oxide film formation in SiC(GaN) power device process, Research and development of activation annealing
• Research and development of semiconductor process
• Heat treatment of glass substrate, ceramics, composite materials etc.
• Thermal shock tests of ceramics materials
• Various heat treatment tests such as sintering of metal materials with high melting points
• Usable as a temperature gradient furnace
• Usable as a heating furnace for gas analysis


• Capable of heating up to ultra-high temperature of 1800 °C in 10 seconds
• Spot focused furnace with high-power lamps built on ellipsoidal reflective surface
• Cold Wall enables rapid-heating & cooling and clean-heating
• Desktop type with a heating furnace integrated with a quartz chamber
• Easy input of temperature recipe through PC connected with USB
• Capable of displaying temperature data on PC screen during the heating (Saving data in a text file is also available.)


Temperature range Room Temperature to 1800 °C (max. 2000 °C)
Sample size 15 mm square x 1 mm thickness
Temperature control sensor JIS thermocouple type B (W-Re is also available)
Power supply AC 200 V 40 A 8 kW
Cooling water 0.3MPa Approx 5L/min
Lamp cooling gas Dry air Approx 200L/min
Outside dimensions (mm) Approx W410 x D450 x H840 (excluding protrusion)
Weight Approx 45kg



System diagram


 Lamp  Transparent quartz protective tube  Sample

 Slider to move the sample into/out of the furnace (Manual operation)


Heating property

Maximum achieving temperature

The power supply                    7kW(max)
Measurement                           W-Re thermocouple
Heating atmosphere               N2 1L/min
Attainment Temperature      2157℃ (Approx 200℃/sec heating up to 2000℃)



Rapid heating control

Temperature recipe           200℃/s holding time 5 min.
Heating atmosphere         N2 100cc/mm
Sample holder                    High purity carbon
Sample Susceptor              High purity carbon

Sample holder and susceptor


• Vacuum exhaust system (RP, DRY, TMP etc.)
• Gas piping system (From 2nd system)
• Cooling water circulator
• Cooling air generator system
• Handy spot welder (HS-9000)
• Handy arc welder (HA-1H)