The VAP Series are pneumatically-operated high vacuum gate valves developed using ULVAC's wealth of accumulated vacuum technology and experience. The large conductance when the disk is released maximizes vacuum pump specifications such as evacuation performance.


  • O-ring shaft seals draw little air into valves.
  • Simpler structure makes maintenance easy.
  • Use of aluminum alloy enables more lightweight design.
  • Use of link mechanism enables more compact design.
  • Low vibrations
  • Low cost


  • Evacuation system lines on vacuum equipment


Model VAP
Nominal size A (B) 100A(4B) to 150A(6B)
Valve material Aluminum alloy (internal parts: mild steel, nickel plating)
Gasket material Nitryl rubber
Permitted baking temperature (ºC) <60
Operating pressure range (Pa) 105 to 10-5
Leak rate Pa·m3/s -9 (*1)
Permitted ambient temperature (ºC) 5 to 40
Operation type Pneumatic operation
Compressed air operating pressure (MPa G) 0.3 to 0.5
OPEN/CLOSE signal output Can be attached (option). (*2)
Back-pressure Supported as standard feature.
Remarks Fluororubber parts are available (option).
Note1: This specification uses SI measurement units. Conversion to non-SI units is as follows:
1 Pa = 7.5 x 10-3 torr
2: Ensure that maximum differential pressure for valve OPEN/CLOSE operations is no more than 1000 Pa.
*1: a,Seal characteristic value in static state. Leak rate doesn't include O-ring permeation rate.
b,Air adhering to shaft may be drawn in during valve operation, increasing apparent leak rate.
*2: Three OPEN/CLOSE signals are available. When ordering products with contacts, specify signal type and OPEN or CLOSE. 

(1) Auto switch model: D-A72 (with indicator light, 200 VAC)
(2) Auto switch model: D-A73 (with indicator light, 24 VDC/100 VAC)
(3) Auto switch model: D-A80 (with indicator no light, 24 VDC/100 VAC)