Meeting the needs of our customers with infrared lamp heating

Infrared Gold Image Furnaces are used in various fields for research and development or as production equipment. Infrared Gold Image Furnaces meet the customers' needs from high-speed heating to wide-area heating.


  • RTA of Si, compound semiconductors
  • Annealing furnace for glass and ceramic substrates
  • Atmosphere annealing furnace for metals
  • Heat-resistance evaluation furnace for composite materials
  • High-temperature expansion/contraction testing furnace


  • Ellipsoidal reflector enables high-speed heating to high temperatures


Model Heating Method Max. Heating
Temperature *1
Heating Length
(Light Emission Length)
Lamp Voltage Input Cooling water
RHL-E15LN Line Furnace
- 140mm 100V 1.0kW 1.0 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E15LP - 200V 1.2kW
RHL-E110LN - 265mm 200V 1.0kW 1.0 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E110LP - 2.0kW
RHL-E25N Tubular Furnace
1100℃ 140mm 100V 2.0kW 1.5 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E25P 1300℃ 200V 2.4kW
RHL-E210N 1100℃ 265mm 200V 2.0kW 2.0 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E210P 1300℃ 4.0kW
RHL-E216P 1300℃ 420mm 300V 6.0kW 3.0L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E42 Tubular Furnace
1100℃ 420mm 50V 2.0kW 1.5 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E45N 1100℃ 140mm 100V 4.0kW 2.5 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E45P 1400℃ 200V 4.8kW
RHL-E48 1400℃ 200mm 200V 6.4kW 3.5L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E410N 1100℃ 265mm 200V 4.0kW 4.0 L/min・0.3Mpa
RHL-E410P 1400℃ 8.0kW
RHL-E416 1400℃ 420mm 300V 12kW 5.0 L/min・0.3Mpa

*1 Maximum heating temperature changes according to the heated sample’s infrared reflectance, absorption, heat capacity, and material.

Maximum heat speed test

Furnace : E410P
Sample : W10 x L50 x t1(mm)
Atmosphere : Air
Material : SUS plate