Ion Implantation System

A high-performance ion implantation system series for semiconductor devices


High-energy Ion Implanter SOPHI-400

SOPHI-400 is a cluster type, high-energy ion implanter applicable to 2400 keV.


Low-acceleration and High-density Ion Implanter SOPHI-30

SOPHI-30, cluster type low-acceleration and high-density ion implanter, has no mass separator and supports thin wafers.


High-temp Ion Implanter for SiC IH-860DSIC

Ion Implanter for mass production with high temp ESC for SiC.


Medium Current Ion Implanter SOPHI-200/260

This tool, SOPHI-200/260, basically inherits exisiting medium current production model ion implanter, and remove over specification based on our sufficient experience as tool supplier. Therefore, thanks to effective cost reduction, we can offer inexpensive sales price with parallel scan capability.