ULVAC’s unique approach to utilize the generated heat from within the dry pump
body allows the LR/HR/UR series to perform even in the most stringent processes.
ULVAC has focused the design efforts into maintaining an extremely uniform
high temperature throughout all pump stages making this series pump optimal
for CVD and etch applications. ULVAC’s ECO-SHOCK can be added to
the LR pump for additional energy savings of up to 70% for any light processes
including pumping air or nitrogen.

◉ Features

➤  Low temperature pumps : The LR series pump is designed for either load lock or
PVD processes.
➤ ULVAC’s unique aluminium design allows for very uniform temperature
distribution throughout the pump body :  The HR aeries pump is designed for CVD
and etch processes.
➤ ULVAC UR series pump is designed for applications that require a heated pump,
heated gas lines, and/or heated exhaust lines
➤ Excellent helium pumping capability :  Canned motor for safety and ease of maintenance
➤ Power failure protection :  Pump withstands power interruptions of up to
1000 ms duration.
➤ Superior corrosion resistance :  Internal components are specially treated providing
a high degree of surface hardness and corrosion resistance. This prevents wear and
corrosion of  internal pump parts when exposed to corrosive gasses.
➤ Communication function :  Pump data including warnings and alarms are able
to be exported.
➤ Extensive pump control is available.
➤ CE marking is available :  CE marking is available upon request.

◉ Applications
➤ Pump is designed for CVD or dry etching applications
➤ Pump is designed for PVD, evaporation, or heat treatment processes
➤ Reduction of exhaust time for LL chamber (LR series)
➤ Pump is designed to handle process gasses that generate powder by
products such as Si crystal growing furnaces.
➤ Backing pump for turbo-molecular pumps and mechanical booster pumps
◉ Pumping Speed Curve