Model 10AIV 10AIV-FM 10AIV-F
Connection flange (*1) Diameter: 15 UFC034-FH UFC070-FH
Valve material Valve body, disk: Stainless steel
Gasket material Fluororubber
Permitted baking temperature (ºC) 150 max.
Operating pressure range (Pa) 105 to 10-8
Leak rate (Pa·m3/s) -11 (*2)
Permitted ambient temperature (ºC) 5 to 40
Operation type Manual
OPEN/CLOSE signal output Can't be attached.
Note: 1. This specification uses SI measurement units.
Conversion to non-SI units is as follows:1 Pa = 7.5 x 10-3Torr
2. Ensure that maximum differential pressure for valve OPEN/CLOSE operations is no more than 100 Pa.
*1 UFC034-FH and UFC070-FH are ULVAC-standard stainless steel knife-edge metal seal flanges.
*2 Value doesn't include O-ring permeation.