By using together with dry vacuum pumps, oil rotary vacuum pumps or water-sealed vacuum pumps, mechanical booster pumps can increase pumping speed in the range between 10kPa to 0.1 Pa, where roughing pump pumping speed drops.


  • These pumps use no oil in the pumping chamber resulting in stable performance even when evacuating water vapor or solvent vapors.


Actual pumping speed *1 50Hz 3800m3/h
Maximum suction pressure


50Hz 8.0 x 102Pa
Ultimate pressure *2 6.7 x 10-1Pa
Allowable drive pressure 1.0 x 103Pa
Motor (number of poles) *3 15kW (4P) 18.5kW (4P)
Oil *4 ULVOIL R-7
Oil capacity 8.0L
Cooling water Cooling method Water cooling
Primary side pressure 0.3MPa 0.1 to 0.3MPa
Inlet/outlet differential pressure 0.05MPa
Cooling water volume 10L/min
Cooling water temperature 5 to 30ºC
Suction diameter JIS B 2290 Corresponds to VG250 Corresponds to VG300
Exhaust port diameter JIS B 2290 Equivalent to VF150 Equivalent to VF200
External dimensions
L x W x H *5
764 x 1230 x 707mm 764 x 1470 x 707mm
Weight 970kg 





(without motor)






(without motor)

Standard backing pump PKS-070 PKS-070 x 2
Note : SI units are used in this specification. The following conversion can be used for non-SI units.
Ultimate pressure: 6.7×10-1 Pa = 5×10-3 Torr,
Pressure: 0.05/0.1/0.2/0.3 Mpa = ~0.5/0.1/2/3 atmospheres
*1 Measured value at 13 Pa
*2 Measured by pirani vacuum gauge (with standard backing pump and oil).
The value would be 6.7 x 10-2 Pa when measured with a McLeod vacuum gauge.
*3 200 VAC 50/60 Hz; 200 VAC 60 Hz; 3-phase
*4 Pump oil types other than the standard type are available. Contact ULVAC.
*5 W = width, D = depth, H = height