By measuring heat generated from microorganisms, this system can measure growth curve/growth speed of microorganisms in a non-destructive manner.

It is possible to observe how microorganisms will grow only by putting them into a vial container or petri dish.

The existing method to monitor the process of food rotting and fermentation in an agar cultural procedure takes much preparation time and huge amount of petri dishes because it is necessary to prepare samples in a destructive manner.

Our Microbial Activity Measurement Systems, Antares and Spica, can evaluate activities and growth speed of microorganisms by measuring heat generated from them.

With these systems, it is possible to prepare samples in a non-destructive manner, which cuts down sample preparation time drastically.

These systems can provide not only growth curve, growth speed, but also data on change of activities and inhibition concentration under various conditions.


  • Measurement of food rotting process and effect of additive for food preservation
  • Research for food ferment and brewing
  • Research for preservation of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and detergent
  • Development of antibacterial agent
  • Analysis of bran and carrier cultivation(fungus cultivation)
  • Activity measurement of microbes in the soil


measurement of various shapes of samples in a non-destructive manner

Various kinds of samples are available like liquid medium, agar medium, microbe carrier(bran, urethane) and soil.

Simultaneous measurements of multiple samples

24-vial measurement at one time and real-time monitoring are available, accelerating research and development dramatically.

Enhanced analysis functions

Data can be saved in Excel file and be processed for any purpose. With a specific data analysis software, growth speed, action curve of pharmaceutical and 100% inhibition concentration are analyzable.

System constitution

System constitution

  •  Sample unit
  •  Analyte incubation
  •  Standard cell (at 1 place)
  •  Cylindrical coppers (at 19 places)
  •  Thermocouple plate
  •  Copper tube for cooling water
  •  Thermal insulating material
  •  Aluminum heat sink
  •  Signal analysis circuit
  •  Data compiling and PC for analysis


ype Spica series
Spica series
Antares series
Spica series
Leonis series
Leonis series
Number of measurement samples 24 samples 19 samples 8 samples
Measuring method Detect sample heat generation with sensor
Sample holder Ampule/vial container

※Please use ampule/vial container with outside dimension, φ40 X 86(mm) or less
Schale type

Sample Container Size φ19 X 86mm φ40 X 78mm φ60 X 32mm
Installation requirement Avoid locations near heat sources Temperature-controlled room if at all possible
Measurement temperature environment Capable of measurements in a range of 5°C to 55°C
(depending on the temperature adjustment range of the temperature-controlled room)
Power source 100V 15A(MAX)
  • Main body measurement unit
  • Data acquisition unit
  • PC
  • Circulation constant temperature
    water tank
  • Main body measurement unit(Internal constant temperature
    control system)
  • Data acquisition unit
  • PC
  • Temperature control power
    supply unit
Data loading Load at 60 seconds intervals, possible to continuously record for up to 166 days

Relation between system signal and the number of molds

Measurement date of colon bacillus growth

Measurement date of colon bacillus growth 01

Measurement date of colon bacillus growth 02