Equipment that measures microorganism growth in a non-destructive manner without changing the shape of the sample. It can perform measurements simply by inserting a sample in a petri dish or vial.

Microbial Activity Measurement System Antares/Spica/Leonis

By measuring heat generated from microorganisms, this system can measure growth curve/growth speed of microorganisms in a non-destructive manner.

It is possible to observe how microorganisms will grow only by putting them into a vial container or petri dish.

The existing method to monitor the process of food rotting and fermentation in an agar cultural procedure takes much preparation time and huge amount of petri dishes because it is necessary to prepare samples in a destructive manner.

Our Microbial Activity Measurement Systems, Antares and Spica, can evaluate activities and growth speed of microorganisms by measuring heat generated from them.

With these systems, it is possible to prepare samples in a non-destructive manner, which cuts down sample preparation time drastically.

These systems can provide not only growth curve, growth speed, but also data on change of activities and inhibition concentration under various conditions.