Perfect for research and development on small samples

Capable of high-speed heating, high-speed cooling, and clean heating. This small, low-cost Infrared Lamp Heating System combines a temperature controller and a variable atmosphere chamber, capable of heating in an adjustable atmosphere. Heating operations can be performed on a PC via a USB connection and data can be easily managed.


• 50 °C/s high-speed heating
• Selectable atmosphere: vacuum, gas, gas flow, air
• Precise temperature control
• Compact, table-top design

• Crystal annealing of ferroelectric thin films
• Diffusion annealing after ion implantation and oxide film generation annealing
• Sintering and alloying treatments of Si and compound wafers
• Burn annealing of glass substrates
• Thermal cycle, thermal shock, thermal fatigue tests
• Temperature-programmed desorption tests, catalytic effect tests

Type MILA-5000-P-N
(Near-infrared type)
(Far-infrared type)
Temperature Range RT to 1200 °C RT to 800 °C
Maximum heating rate ※ 50℃/s(50℃~1200℃)in vacuum atmosphere
45℃/s(50℃~1200℃)in nitrogen gas
4℃/s(50℃~800℃)in vacuum atmosphere
4℃/s(50℃~800℃)in nitrogen gas
Temperature uniformity ※ ±2.0℃(ΔT=4℃)at 1200℃ in vacuum atmosphere
±4.5℃(ΔT=9℃)at 1200℃ in nitrogen gas
±1.8℃(ΔT=3.6℃)at 500℃ in vacuum atmosphere
±1.2℃(ΔT=2.4℃)at 500℃ in nitrogen gas
Lamp Near-infrared lamp Far-infrared lamp
Sample Size 20 mm square x 2 mm thickness
Measurement Atmosphere Air, Vacuum, Gas flow
Optional Vacuum pumping equipment
(rotary pump set) 
Cooling water circulation unit

※The heating rate and temperature uniformity above are the measured values of a 20mm deep × 20mm wide × 0.5mm thick nickel plate.
※Subject to change depending on material and size.