Multi-sensor for Quartz Crystal Oscillation Type Deposition Controller CRTS-12NS

The rotary type multi-sensor "CRTS-12NS" has been developed for the crystal oscillation type deposition controller "CRTM Series".The 5MHz crystal is 12 pieces-mountable in the rotary type crystal holder. It can be used in such as a high rate vapor deposition and continuous multi-layer vapor deposition with safe.


  • 12 pieces of crystals are mountable.
  • Having adopted a vacuum stepping motor in the drive section, this is designed to focus on reliability and durability in top priority, including precisely controlling the stop position of the crystal too.
  • The replacement of crystal is detachable together with the crystal holder.
  • In case the life of crystal (abnormal oscillation) is detected, it is automatically switched to next crystal by the signal from the controller(CRTM).


  • High rate, multi-layer deposition control for Optical, OrganicEL, Electric devices.


Sensor head
Equipped crystal number 12 pieces
Capacity of crystal 5MHz AT cut crystal
Heat resistance temperature 350C°
Cooling water volume 1L / min
Weight 2kg
Dimension φ104mm x H Approx.61mm
Digital input INIT, CNT, STOP
Digital output Sensor No., BUSY, ERROR, RETRY, END
Utility DC24V, 3.0A
Dimension W xD xH 100mm x 250mm x 99mm