Non-Contact Metal Film Thickness Measurement System


MESEC BIT-2000 / 3000 (built-in types) in semiconductor interconnect processes, the film thickness distribution is important for quality control of metal thin films deposited on wafers. This film thickness distribution affects device characteristics and yield. MESEC can measure film thickness directly on the product wafer, providing more reliable evaluation results and reducing monitor wafers.


  • Measures metal  thickness and sheet resistance non-destructively and without contact.
  • Built-in models have compact eddy current sensors and fast measurement speed, so can integrated into PVD, CVD, plating, CMP or other systems.
  • ULVAC's original automatic adjustment method eliminates drift of measurement system, and enables film thickness measurements with outstanding reproducibility.
  • Database for film thickness calculation can be easily created, enabling measurement of almost all metal or alloy thickness.


  • Metal film thickness quality control on semiconductor manufacturing lines
  • Deposition system status checks, process evaluations
  • Providing real-time process control information to deposition systems


Film thickness measurement range 0.03 to 5µm
Measurement precision
(relative to calibrated value)
Measurement reproducibility ±0.5% (1 sigma, measurement of same point 10 times consecutively)
Measurable film types Cu, Al, AlCu and other metal films
Measurement spatial resolution 3mm
Measurement speed 1 sec/point max. (excluding time for stage movement and wafer transfer)
Stage type R-θstage (BIT)
Stage precision R-axis :±0.1 mm (BIT)

Theta-axis : ±0.05º(BIT)

Sample size 200 and 300 mm wafers
Measurement results Film thickness
Unit dimensions (W x D x H; mm) Depends on what unit is attached to deposition system (BIT)
Weight (kg) Depends on what unit is attached to deposition system (BIT)
Utilities Power supply : 100 V, 10 A ; Vacuum : 400 mm Hg max. ; Pressurized air : 0.4 MPa min.
Operating system Windows 7