Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

The superior pumping performance of ULVAC’s oil rotary vacuum pumps has earned them an excellent reputation among many users. These pumps are suitable for various applications of the vacuum deposition, the sputtering, and the food packing, etc.

Oil Rotary Vacuum PumpVS650A / VS750A

The VS650A and VS750 are single stage oil rotary vane pumps. Design to provide low vibration and noise, the VS series eliminates the need for costly facility work.  Both air cooled and water cooled models are available depending on customer installation requirements.

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump VD Series
The VD series are oil rotary vacuum pumps with low-noise direct-coupled motors. Designed for easy maintenance, the VD series makes daily maintenance and inspection extremely simple. Series models can be used in a wide range of applications on sites ranging from research labs (where silence is indispensable) to production lines.

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump VS Series
ULVAC’s simplified design gives this lightweight pump the features of compact size along with low vibration operation. The substantial reduction in vibration of the VS series pump can help reduce the costs associated with having to perform special foundation work in facilities where vibration can be problematic.

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump PVD Series
The PVD series are belt-driven compact rotary vacuum pumps with outstanding evacuation characteristics. They are used by a large number of ULVAC customers.

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump PKS Series
The PKS series models are extremely durable, large oil rotary vacuum pumps with very stable pumping characteristics. They are used in many applications, in areas ranging from the metal and automotive industries, to the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps (G Series)
Low ultimate pressure. High performance type.
Features gas ballast mechanism and back flow
prevention mechanism.

Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps (GHD Series)
Wide range voltage motor and correspond to CE, cTUVus. Magnet coupling for no oil leakage from shaft seal and realized longer lifetime. Integrated check valve below the inlet port for backflow prevention.

Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps (GLD Series)

GLD series features high performance, low vibration and noise and several functions such as ballast valve, oil-back-flow prevention mechanism, and large sized oil level gauge. This series equips multi-voltage motor and correspondent to international standard.

Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps (GCD Series)

Compact and light weight with direct drive.
Low vibration and noise with precise manufacturing technology.
Few contamination in the discharge system due to oil free pumping room.