CRTM-9200 is a quartz crystal deposition controller that provides low-rate deposition control and high-precision film thickness control with an outstanding film thickness/rate resolution (0.0022Å ). An option enables deposition control for up to 4 materials simultaneously.


  • Ideal for low-rate deposition control with outstanding film thickness/rate resolution (0.0022Å)
  • Deposition control for 4 materials simultaneously (with option).
  • Control of multilayer films with up to 99 layers
  • Programs can be saved on USB memory .
  • Can measure film thicknesses accurately, referencing history of films deposited on crystal oscillator (MLC function).


  • Film thickness and rate control at Evaporation


Film thickness/rate resolution 0.0034 Å (4 MHz crystal)

0.0022 Å (5 MHz crystal)

0.0015 Å (6 MHz crystal)

Film thickness display range/display resolution 0.001kÅ to 999.9kÅ /1Å
Deposition rate display range/display resolution 0.001 to 999.9Å/s / 0.001Å/s
Supported sensor frequency 4MHz,5MHz, 6MHz
Number of sensors that can be attached 2 (up to 8 with option)
Sampling rate 250ms
Number of multilayer film layers supported 99layers
Number of deposition programs 128
Digital I/O input : 12 channels programmable

output : 16 channels programmable

Analog outputs POWER (0 to 0.99 V) (RATE and THK are option.)
External dimensions (W x D x H; mm) 480 x 353 x 149