Quartz Crystal Oscillation Type Deposition Controller

Quartz Crystal Deposition Controller CRTM-6000G

The CRTM-6000G is a deposition controller with excellent cost / performance features.

Unit offer a wide depostion control range for single as well as multilayer films.


  • Two sensors can be switched for deposition control.
    (The simultaneous measurement cannot be done. It is a switch type.)
  • Low rate deposition process control is possible with high resolution of film thickness.
  • Excellent response is obtained with a sampling rate of 125 ms.
  • Up to 99 deposition programs can be stored with battery backup.
  • Memory of the controller can record up to 30 process sequences.
  • RS232C interface is included as standard. Control from a PC is therefore simple.
  • The 12ch digital input/output signals is programmable.
  • The 3ch analog output signals (Power, Rate, Thickness) is programmable.
  • Up to 3 steps can be input for pre-heating and rate control for more precise control.


  • Film thickness and deposition rate control during evaporation.


Film thickness/rate resolution 0.041 Å (5 MHz)
0.029 Å (6 MHz)
Film thickness display range / display resolution 0.001kÅ to 999.9kÅ / 1Å
Deposition rate display range / display resolution 0.1 to 999.9Å/s / 0.1Å/s
Supported sensor frequency 5MHz, 6MHz
Number of sensors that can be attached Single sensor: 2
(The simultaneous measurement
cannot be done. It is a switch type. )

Multi sensor: 1

Sampling rate 125ms
Number of multilayer film layers supported 99layers
Number of deposition programs 99
Digital I/O Input : 12channels programmable 








Output : 12channels programmable
Analog outputs 3ch programmable
External dimensions    W x D x H 240mm x 350mm x 99mm