RF Power Supply RFS-N Series


The RFS-N Series of RF power generators for plasma processes are available at 13.56MHz with 0.5kW, 1kW, 3kW, or 5kW output. These RF power generators have achieved a decrease in size and weight through the use of a high efficiency RF amplifier.

These RF power generators are also equipped with an auto matching controller function, which allows for RF power generator power control and matching system control with the power generator unit itself.


  • Uses a high efficiency amplifier
    Energy savings through a construction with an RF circuit featuring good power conversion efficiency
  • High speed auto matching
    Implements high speed auto matching with a high speed algorithm.
  • RF power generator internally equipped with an auto matching function
    Matching system control is possible with the power generator unit itself. Also capable of manual RF power generator and matching box operations with the internal controller.
  • Supports flexible control configurations
    Capable of external analog and serial communication control
  • High reliability
    Our accumulated knowledge as an equipment manufacturer has been reflected in the design


  • Sputtering
  • CVD
  • Plasma etching
  • RF ion source
  • Neutralizer


[Power generator]

Model RFS-1305N RFS-1310N RFS-1330N RFS-1350N
Input Spec Input rated voltage AC200 to 220V
Input voltage fluctuation range AC180 to 242V
Phase, frequency 1phase 50/60Hz 3phase 50/60Hz
Input connector Bayonet netlock round connector
DCA3106F16-10S G-D-BSN-0
Bayonet netlock round connector
Input capacity 1.2 kVA or less 2 kVA or less 5 kVA or less 8 kVA or less
Input current 10.0A or less 25A or less 30A or less
Leak current 5mA or less
Output Spec. Oscillating frequency 13.56MHz
Rated traveling-wave power 500W (50Ω load) 1000W (50Ω load) 3000W (50 Ω load) 5000W (50 Ω load)
Maximum reflected wave power 100W 500W
Output impedance 50Ω
Harmonic distortion ratio -35dB or less (Rated output, Continuous mode)
Output connector N type HN type DIN 7/16
Cont. Control method Power control mode
Control precision Rated output ±2% or less(Rated power 10~100%)
Cooling method Air-cooling Air-cooling + Water-cooling
Flow rate 4L/min Flow rate 6L/min
Demensions     W x D x H 240mm x 495mm x 150mm
(excepting projection portion)
(excepting projection portion)
Weight 11kg 23kg


[Matching box]

Model MBX-1305/1310N MBX-1330N MBX-1350
RF input Input frequency 13.56MHz
Rated power 30 to 1000W 30 to 3000W 50 to 5000W
Input connector N type HN type DIN 7/16 type
RF output Allowable output voltage 2.5kVpp or less / 2.5kVdc or less 5.0kVpp or less / 2.5kVdc or less 10kVpp or less / 2.5kVdc or less
Allowable output current 30A or less 80A or less 120A or less
Load impedance Real part: 0.5Ω ≦ R ≦ 10.0Ω
(Only the range of regulation voltage and current)
Residual reflected wave power Big either input travelling wave power 0.3% or less or 10W or less Big either input travelling wave power 0.3% or less or 30W or less Big either input travelling wave power 0.3% or less or 50W or less
Cooling system Air-cooling Air-cooling + Water-cooling (Flow rate 2L/min)
Demensions    W x D x H 375mm x 250mm x 120mm
(excepting projection portion)
375mm x 250mm x 170mm
(excepting projection portion)
450mm x 500mm x 248mm
(excepting projection portion)
Weight Approx. 8kg Approx. 10kg Approx. 21kg

* Operating ambient temperature 10 to 40℃ (non condensing)
* Operating environment, direct sunlight, heat、dust, avoid a vibration, do not contain corrosive gas