Titanium Getter Pump GGT-3, PGT Series

Titanium getter pumps (GGT-3 / PGT series) pass current directly through titanium alloy placed in a vacuum chamber in order to sublimate the titanium. The sublimated titanium creates a large active metallic surface on the surrounding walls for absorbing and removing chemically active gases (H2, N2, O2, H2O, CO, CO2).Since an active metallic surface made of titanium does not absorb inactive gases (He, Ne, Ar, CH4, C2H6, and other organic gases), these units are used in combination with such equipment as sputter ion pumps and turbo molecular pumps.

◙ An absorbing surface of sublimated Titanium will improve pumping speed and improve ultimate pressure.
◙ The titanium alloy filaments have a long lifespan. One filament lasts  approximately 75 hours with  continuous operation (30 seconds of current / 60 seconds at rest) and approximately 25 hours with continuous current.
◙ Because metal seals are used on the flanges, bake out temperatures of 250℃ can be achieved.
◙ A proprietary surface treatment of all structural surfaces has been performed for high vacuum conditions.
◙ Vacuum Systems capable of high vacuum from atmospheric pressure.
◙ Vacuum systems for various deposition system such as vapor deposition
and sputtering, etc.
◙ Vacuum systems for many research and development projects.
Pumping speed  *1
24m3/(s·m2) <20ºC> / 64m3/(s·m2) <-196ºC>
Applicable pressure range
Ultra-high vacuum of between 10-1 to 10-9Pa
Applicable gases
H2, N2, O2, H2O, CO, CO2
Inapplicable gases
He, Ne, Ar, CH4, C2H6 , other organic gases
Leak volume
1.3 x 10-11Pa·m3/s max.
Baking temperature
Power consumption
Filament material
Titanium alloy
Filament life span
Rated continuous operation time *2 : About 75 hours/filament
Continuous ON time : About 25 hours/filament
Number of filaments
Connection flange  *3
Power supply model used with
*1 Calculated value for ultra-high vacuum pressure range, 20ºC, N2
*2 ON for 30 seconds at 270 W, OFF for 60 seconds
*3 ULVAC standard stainless steel knife-edge metal seal flanges (ICF corresponding)
Output 0 to 6 VAC (variable), 60 A max.
Control method ON/OFF controlled by timer
Timer setting range 0.05 second to 300 hours (both ON and OFF)
Output display Output current display
Output display gradations Analog display/60 A full-scale
Interlock inputs 1 point
Allowable surrounding 5 to 40ºC
Voltage frequency Single-phase AC 200 to 220V, 50/60 Hz  Selectable frequency
Current 3.5 A  Max.
Weight 12kg