Transfer Robot

Clean and highly reliable vacuum transfer robot and transfer platform introduced by ULVAC technology as a vacuum equipment manufacture. Line up of a wide range of products that correspond to the various types of vacuum equipment.


Vacuum Transfer Robot ELEC-RZ

ELEC-RZ is the wafer transfer robot in the high vaccum environment, implemented with compact and low cost based on outstanding function and performance of COVOT series.


Vacuum Transfer Robot COVOT

COVOT is the wafer transfer robot in the heigh vacuum enviroment, designed based on longtime experience and technique. Rigidity is high and is superior in position precision.


Vacuum Transfer Robot COVOT-LC

COVOT-LC is a simple and reasonable vacuum transfer robot without the Z-axis.


Vacuum Transfer Robot COVOT-6

COVOT-6 comprises 4 independent arms and is the vacuum transfer robot which realized high throughput.


Vacuum Transfer Platform NCH Series

NCH series is vacuum transfer platform that combines robot, core chamber and load lock.