Turbo Molecular Pump

A complete line of turbo molecular pumps are available from ULVAC. ULVAC’s turbo molecular pump meets a broad range of vacuum applications. From simple vacuum generation for analytical instrumentation, to the demanding pumping requirements encountered in corrosive processes for the semiconductor industry.

Turbo molecular pump with integrated controller
Controller integrated turbo molecular pump with magnetic
bearings saves wiring work and installation space.

Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo Molecular Pump UTM300B

UTM300B is the compound turbo-molecular pump with the ceramic ball bearings, and has excellent compression ratio. Compact design by integrated controller design. Excellent high back pressure performance allows to use smaller backing pump.

Pivot Bearing Type Turbo Molecular Pumps UTM Series

The UTM series is an all the blades type turbo molecular pump which carries a pivot bearing (lower side) and a magnetic bearing (upper side). The mechanical contact at the time of a high velocity revolution is reduced by adoption of the pivot bearing.

Turbo Molecular Pump System YTP Series

The YTP series are simple high-vacuum pump system that consist of an ULVAC turbo molecular pump (UTM series pump), rotary pump, forevalve, Pirani vacuu

Digitally-Controlled Magnetic Levitation Turbo Molecular Pump UTM-FH/FW Series

The UTM-FH and UTM-FW is compound turbo molecular using 5 axis magnetic levitation and digital controlled and realized advantages such as high performance and reliability and energy savings. The UTM-FH series, which has improved compression ratio for hydrogen, is high back pressure and high compression type and for light to middle processes. The UTM-FW series is wide range and high flow type and for high load process and middle~hard processes.