Ultra-High Vacuum Flanges
UFC Series

UFC Series Ultra-High Vacuum Flanges

The UFC Series are knife-edge metal-seal bakeable flanges for ultra-high vacuums.

UFC flange is fully compatible with ICF flange


  • Metal seals make flanges clean and enable low levels of outgas, ideal for ultra-high vacuum.
  • Edges have original ULVAC long-life design that can withstand repeated connections.
  • Welded parts of flanges and connection pipes have low weld distortion in the seals.
  • Two types are available : fixed and rotating. Fixed flange bolt holes are available as either through holes or tap holes.
  • Connect to pipes with diameters of between 6.35 and 254 mm.


  • Flanges on ultra-high vacuum systems, ultra-high vacuum devices


Operating pressure range Atmospheric pressure to 10-11Pa
Operating temperature range -196 to 450ºC
Material Austenitic stainless steel
Compatible gaskets Copper gaskets : UFC-G Series