Ultra-High Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs
TDU Series

TDU Series Ultra-High Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs

The TDU Series are rotary feedthroughs enabling objects in vacuum chambers at ultra-high vacuum pressure to be rotated manually from the vacuum system's atmosphere side. When the handle on the atmosphere side is turned, the rotation is conveyed through a bellows to rotate the shaft on the vacuum side.


  • Low outgas emission, ideal for ultra-high vacuum.
  • Bearings used in vacuum are lubricant-free and clean.
  • Each complete turn of handle rotates shaft exactly once, allowing angle of rotation to be read.
  • No magnets, eliminating risk of leaking magnetic fields
  • Can be rotated in either direction, and fixed at any position.


  • Manual rotation in ultra-high vacuum systems


Model TDU-04FM TDU-08F
Shaft/handle rotation ratio 1 : 1
Smallest calibration 45º 10º
Drive shaft diameter 5mm diameter 8mm diameter
Connecting flange UFC034 UFC070
Weight 0.4kg 1.1kg
Leak rate 1.3 x 10-11 Pa·m3/s max.
Bake-out temperature (*1) 150ºC max. 250ºC max.
*1 Can't be turned while heating. (After heating, can't be turned until chamber has returned to room temperature.)