Ultra-High Vacuum Zero-Length Reducer Flanges
UFC Series

Ultra-High Vacuum Conversion Flanges

Ultra-high vacuum conversion flanges are used to connect UFC flanges of different sizes. (UFC flanges are knife-edge metal-seal bakeable flanges for ultra-high vacuums.)

UFC flange is fully compatible with the ICF flange.


  • Bolt holes on large-size flanges are through holes. Bolt holes on small-size flanges are non-through holes (tap holes).
  • Don't require connecting pipes, enabling compact connections.


  • Flanges on ultra-high vacuum systems, ultra-high vacuum devices


Model Connecting flange 1 Connecting flange 2
UFC070/034 UFC070 UFC034
UFC114/070 UFC114 UFC070
UFC152/070 UFC152 UFC070
UFC152/114 UFC152 UFC114
UFC203/070 UFC203 UFC070
UFC203/114 UFC203 UFC114
UFC203/152 UFC203 UFC152
UFC253/203 UFC253 UFC203