Vacuum Gauge

The G-TRAN Series consists of the following 3 basic units;
(1) An integrated sensor head with an electronics circuit;
(2) a separate sensor head with electronics circuit;
(3) a box unit. Each configuration can be determined based on
customer application.

ULVAC provides international Quality and Ability of
JCSS calibration service for all the vacuum gauge not only
our product but also other brands.



G-TRAN Series Multi Ionization Gauge ST2-1 / ST2-2

ULVAC has developed an ionization vacuum gauge with a spec of long-life at
severe environment and a measurable type with high precision.This world’s
first metal type triode ionization vacuum gauge is greatly reduce the running
cost and help further improving the yield of various processes.

vacuum gauge


G-TRAN Series SAU Pressure Switch Unit

A pressure sensor unit that is adopting a semiconductor
type thin-film element.By this can measure near to the atmospheric
pressure (Gauge pressure : -100kPa~10kPa)with high accuracy.
To be compatible for a high vacuum pressure SUS316L is adopted.


Vacuum Gauge G-Tran Series

The G-Tran Series are vacuum gauges developed to meet the need for
more centralized and compact systems by (1) lowering equipment costs,
(2) saving space, and (3) reducing wiring.
Models come in basic types: sensor units and display units.
Units can be combined to adapt to the application.

G-TRAN Series Multi Ionization Gauge SH2-1_SH2-2


Vacuum Gauge G-Tran Series
Measuring pressure from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range be principle is impossible in today’s technology.Hence, complex vacuum gauges which have the sensor head with different measurement principles are prevailed.But there are some demerit on the complex vacuum gauges as below;
1. All sensor heads need to be replaced when a sensor head is broken.
2. Easy to break for the complexity of sensor heads
3. Sensor head is expensive.


G-TRAN Series Atmospheric Pirani Vacuum Gauge SW1

This is a wide range pirani vacuum gauge which measures
from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-2 Pa. In addition,
this gauge removes control and display panels from traditional
controllers, keeping the minimum necessary functions only,
thus saving cost and space.



Ceramic Capacitance Manometer CCMT-D Series


The CCMT-D series is a capacitance manometer, which detects static electric capacitance occurring when a barrier membrane made of ceramic (alumina) is deformed by changes in gas pressure.



G-Tran Series 1CH Display Unit ISG1


This single channel vacuum gauge display is compatible with all
G-TRAN series and CCM series sensors.Enables users to view
system status at a glance.




G-TRAN Series 4CH Display Unit

4 CH display unit enables you to operate 4 gauges with a display. Eight set points are available in the 4 CH display.The display unit supports 8 set point outputs and I/O control functions are standard.Covers the wide
pressure range of an atmospheric pirani vacuum gauge and an ionization gauge.

G-Tran Series Cold Cathode Gauge Measuring Units SC1

G-Tran Series Cold Cathode Gauge Measuring Unit

G-TRAN series SC1 is a magnetron type cold cathode vacuum gauge. Since no filament is used, extended life between gauge replacement is assured.
Maintenance is expected.Ease of maintenance reduces the cost of ownership.




G-Tran Series Pirani Gauge Measuring Units

The sensor unit SP1 is an integrated pirani gauge
consisting of the WP series sensor head and circuits, for the range of 3000 to 0.4Pa(22 to 3 x 10-3 torr/ 3 to 4 x 10-3mbar).