Vacuum Gauge G-Tran Series SH2-1/SH2-2

Measuring pressure from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range by one principle is impossible in today's technology.
Hence, complex vacuum gauges which have the sensor head with different measurement principles are prevailed. But there are some demerit on the complex vacuum gauges as below;
1. All sensor heads need to be replaced when a sensor head is broken.
2. Easy to break for the complexity of sensor heads
3. Sensor head is expensive
ULVAC adopts the separate sensor head method (patent pending) with its sensor head selectable at customer's choise. It's capable of measuring wide range of pressure, lowering runninng cost and stress on emviroment.

◙ Wide pressure measuring range from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range (10+5 to 5×10-8Pa.)(When SPU and SAU are  used together)
◙  Cost of sensor heads can be cut by multi ionization sensor head method
(patent pending )
◙  Confirming atmospheric pressure easily and accurately (provide SAU is used)
◙  An advance warning will be made before the life of ionization vacuum gauge comes (patent pending)
◙  Error verification LED equipped
◙  Process control in high vacuum processes such as for photovoltaic field, FPD, semiconductor, optics and electronic parts manufacturing systems.
◙ Process control in high vacuum range processes such as for process control for vacuum systems with multiple process chambers, such as in-line sputtering and single wafer processing equipment.
◙ For pressure measurement of high vacuum or ultra high vacuum equipment used in UHV research work.