Vacuum Transfer Robot COVOT


COVOT is the wafer transfer robot in the heigh vacuum enviroment, designed based on longtime experience and technique. Rigidity is high and is superior in position precision.


  • Magnetic fluid sealing is adopted as a vacuum seal, and it corresponds to the high vacuum to 10-6Pa.
  • Controller and a robot into an integral type. compact equipment layout is realizable.
  • 360-degree continuation rotation is possible, there are no restrictions in the attachment direction.


  • Automatic wafer transfer for various semiconductor equipments
  • Wafer transfer for various vacuum eqipment for R&D


Pressure range to 10-6Pa
Wafer size 200mm/300mm
Number of wafer 1 or 2
Maximum distance* 1050mm
Rotation 360º Endless
Z-axis stroke 50mm
Minimum rotation diameter * 944mm
Weight capacity (hand is included) 1kg
Speed R Max 2.5sec / full stroke
θ Max 2.5sec / 180º
Z Max 1.5sec / 20mm
Position Accuracy R ±0.2mm
θ ±0.2mm
Z ±0.2mm
Teaching pendant Attached
Controller Built-in type

*Changes by the arm and hand.