Vacuum Transfer Robot ELEC-RZ


ELEC-RZ is the wafer transfer robot in the high vaccum environment, implemented with compact and low cost based on outstanding function and performance of COVOT series.


  • Magnetic fluid sealing is adopted as a vacuum seal, and it corresponds to the high vacuum to 10-6Pa.
  • Achieved a compact design by miniaturizing the actuator enables easy impelementation to the equipment.
  • Offers variety of arms with various strokes, number of hands and turning radii.
  • Achieved excellent operability by adopting with the multi-function display teaching pendant.


  • Automatic wafer transfer for various semiconductor equipments
  • Wafer transfer for various vacuum eqipment for R&D


Pressure range to 10-6Pa
Wafer size 200mm/300mm
Number of wafer 1 or 2
Maximum distance* 1050mm
Rotation ±210º
Z-axis stroke 50mm
Minimum rotation diameter * 944mm
Weight capacity (hand is included) 1kg
Speed R Max 2.5sec / full stroke
θ Max 3.0sec / 180º
Z Max 1.5sec / 20mm
position Accuracy R ±0.1mm
θ ±0.2mm
Z ±0.2mm
Teaching pendant Attached
Controller Separation type

*Changes by the arm and hand.